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Seapoint Literary Suppers

I loved hearingĀ Yvonne Cassidy read from her book The Other Boy(and give us a preview of her new one to come out this summer) at Seapoint the other evening. The literary supper is a lovely idea – sit where you like, eating good food and chatting, and have your supper punctuated by readings. I went with a couple of friends but had a stranger (lovely, interesting, chatty) on one side – I’d thought the communal table aspect of it would have my teeth itching all night but actually it was great to have one’s attention – what? – turned forcibly would be putting it too strongly, but perhapsĀ encouraged outward. Sometimes I forget how refreshing it can be to meet new people.

Coming up in March and April there will be suppers with Aifric Campbell, Alex Barclay and Joseph O’Connor (though I believe there’s a waiting list for that one, which has had to be rescheduled from this month), so if Monkstown is a reasonable distance from you, stick it in the diary. Your dinnertime chat doesn’t have to be terrifically literary and book-analysing, if that’s not your thing, but you do get the opportunity to chat to the writers, if that is your thing.

The food was great. A glass of wine is included in the e28 per head.

And if you’re lovely, interesting and chatty, come and sit beside me.


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