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With This Hand

Letters of Note is a cracking blog publishing interesting letters from (usually) famous people. I’m talking about proper letters from your actual real-life-legends, not embarrassing texts from Ashley Cole, or overly intimate tweets by Katy Perry. Rummaging will be repaid: here are typed faxes with pen corrections from Hunter S T; stiff, rude notes from Hemingway; charming reproofs from Fred Astaire. The blog is updated every weekday – don’t know how he does it. Love it.

I’m not really that sniffy about email communication, or even text messaging, but everyone knows how direct the communication of an actual letter is – a couple of months ago I had a lovely long chatty letter from a friend travelling in New Zealand, and (apart from cards), to date it’s still the only handwritten letter I’ve received this year. While I was thinking about this, and the mark of a person’s hand, by coincidence I stumbled on the Urban Sketchers blog. Now that is some way to record the world.


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Hurrah! The prize for 1970 has finally been awarded, and to a wonderful writer. If Farrell had actually got the prize in 1970 for Troubles, he’d have been the first person to win it twice, because The Siege of Krishnapur got it in 1973. A spur to reread his novels, and the brilliant biography by Lavinia Greacen, who has also recently edited his letters

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