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Chickens in Bloom

I’ve been umming and aahing about having chickens since the turn of the century, I have four books and about thirty bookmarks but no actual birds.

I’d been considering the Eglu, partly because of the way it’s marketed to the sub- and urban chicken fancier and partly because of the fact that you can hose the lot down and even put some bits of it into the dishwasher. I’ve never been quite sure about the design, though, a brightly-coloured cross between the original iMac and some clever storage idea from Ikea, it would stand out like a flower in my dog-and-football-ravaged plot.
But amid lashing rain and garden envy at the Bloom festival in the Phoenix Park, I found the marvellous¬†Chic-Hens, who will supply an Irish-made wooden chicken ark or house which could solve my aesthetic and practical problems in what Newstalk newsreaders regularly call one fowl swoop. I worry that I am succumbing to an idiotic notion of a calmer, more gardeny me in a flowered apron and wellies, scooping eggs from the henhouse while the birds stalk jerkily around the (imagined) orchard. I worry that the dogs will give the chickens heart attacks, that they will keel over from unknown illnesses, that my vet will think I am playing farms, that I’ll never be able to go away for a weekend again, that bird flu will return bringing heartbreak through Herod-style enforced slaughter. Overthinking, moi?

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