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My two last posts have gone up on The Antiroom.

Ladybird books, learning to read, and the MOD here and my autumnal craft itch here.


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I’ve got my eye on a piece of ground opposite the house. In fact, I can see it from the window. In fact, I can see it from three windows. It’s dullish, there’s nothing growing there but groundsel and stickyweed (whatever its real name is) and in the spring and summer great umbrellas of deadly hogweed, a thick-stemmed brute which somehow manages to spread across a tarmac road and over a granite wall into my garden.

Now, Lidl are selling sacks of daffodil bulbs for 7.99, so I am screwing up the courage to get out my bulb dibber, sneak across the road at dead of night, and bury the lot in clumps which by March will be cheerful gangs of daffodils that I won’t tire of admiring till their heads drop and summer’s on the way again.


I’m screwing up the courage, but I’m not there yet. Why do I hesitate? I’d love to hear encouraging stories of guerrilla gardening.

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